Acupuncture for Headaches

If you get frequent headaches, you know how upsetting and frustrating they can be. Having headaches can keep you from doing your normal daily activities and cause you to miss out on things you want to do. However, there are treatments for them that can give you a better quality of life. Often, more than one type of treatment is used to help with headaches.


Using acupuncture can be a great way to treat headaches and to do so without having to resort to pain medications that can do so much harm. If you need to find a chiropractor near me, the practitioners at Unity Wellness in Elkhorn, NE, can treat you with acupuncture therapy. 

Acupuncture Therapy from Our Chiropractor

Acupuncture is an ancient type of treatment that works to get the flow of life energy, also called chi, to flow freely along the energy pathways of your body. Sometimes, blockages can appear along those pathways, and the energy gets backed up and doesn't flow freely. This can result in pain and other problems.

Acupuncture is done to get rid of these energy blockages so that the chi can flow again in your body. It is also done because it stimulates the body to release its own painkilling chemicals. 

Getting Acupuncture Therapy

Thousands of areas around the body are considered to be pressure points for the energy pathways. Acupuncture focuses on the pressure points that will help relieve your particular problem. For headaches, the pressure points are at specific areas of the neck and head. When the practitioner conducts your acupuncture therapy, they will use very tiny needles to puncture the skin.

Once they are all in place, the practitioner will activate those needles. There are different ways to do this, and how yours are activated will depend on your problem. Once activated, the needles can unblock the energy flow and allow your body to generate its pain-relief substances. If you have chronic headaches, you will likely need several acupuncture treatments so that you get the most out of the therapy. 

Getting acupuncture can keep you from having to take harsh medications that can lead to addiction, though it may also be used alongside medication for stronger relief. Some people also get massage therapy alongside their acupuncture to benefit from both of these therapies. 

See a "Chiropractor near Me"

If you need to visit a chiropractor, Unity Wellness of Elkhorn, NE, is here for you. Give us a call today at 402-577-0124 to set up your acupuncture therapy. We're ready to help those who suffer from headaches to feel better.