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Meet our Chiropractor

Dr. Danielle Clear

Dr. Danielle Clear started her chiropractic journey as a child. She suffered from painful migraines until she was introduced to the NUCCA technique and it completely removed her migraines. Having experienced firsthand what this technique can do, Dr. Clear decided to go into the practice and become a NUCCA Practitioner. Having practiced at a firm for the past several years, Dr. Clear decided to make the transition to start her own practice in 2019.

Danielle grew up in Roscommon, Michigan and studied NUCCA in Ames, Iowa completing all four parts of the NUCCA Student Proficiency and graduating with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Clear has turned her passion into her profession and that is helping people live longer lives without pain and suffering. Danielle lives a full life practicing NUCCA, enjoying family, and adopting a lifestyle of health and wellness. Her passion extends to fitness and nutrition and helps her clients obtain a balanced lifestyle. “Putting the right things in the body helps people maintain their NUCCA correction over long periods of time so you can function better and are less dependent of medical systems and me.” Dr. Danielle Clear


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