What Is NUCCA in Elkhorn NE?

Chiropractor Elkhorn MN Danielle (Clear) Stalp

NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. This chiropractic style in Elkhorn NE focuses on spinal adjustments on the top bone in the spine – the Atlas. Combining the science of x-rays with the art of adjustments, patients receive individualized care for their maladies. Misalignments in the connection between the head and spine can cause issues throughout the body. The good news is that adjusting the Atlas does not require any popping, cracking, or twisting. A gentle touch behind the ear, similar to reading a pulse, is all that is needed to move it back into alignment.

What is the goal of NUCCA?

NUCCA focuses on moving the Atlas back into alignment and allowing the body to heal from injuries and stress. NUCCA is very precise. X-rays and multiple check points on the body are used to verify that your Atlas is moving back into place. The more precise the adjustment, the better the body “holds” the alignment and the greater the chance of healing.

How does it work?

Chiropractor Elkhorn MN Danielle (Clear) Stalp

After initial x-rays, a patient’s shoulder height, hip height, and head deviation to either side will be measured. The patient will then lay on the table and their leg length will be checked. Rotating to their side, the patient will lay comfortably while Dr. Danielle places her hands behind the patient’s ear and adjusts with a gentle, but firm touch. After adjustments are made, the measurements will be retaken.

Start your holistic journey In Elkhorn NE

An Atlas out of alignment can cause a breakdown in communication between your head and the rest of your body. Stress on the spine can lead to stress on the nerves all along the spinal cord and make it harder for your body to receive the signals the brain is sending.
Nerves are responsible for:

  • Controlling and maintaining all essential bodily processes, such as breathing, digestion, and circulation.
  • Muscular contractions that enable movement.
  • Giving us the ability to sense, perceive, and feel.
  • Connecting us to the outside world through learning, experiencing, and behavior.

NUCCA can help you sleep better, feel less pain, and improve your body’s ability to function in the world.


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