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The Proof Is In the Patient

While I had experienced some major improvements from going to my former chiropractor, he was stumped after I aggravated an old injury in my lower back.  For months he adjusted me multiple times each week to no avail. Six weeks of physical therapy and massages helped somewhat, but I was still very restricted and sore.  After six months of living significantly impaired, I went to Dr. Danielle. Within two weeks, she had me back to over 90% normal, and I wanted to kick myself for not going sooner.

Even though I felt like Danielle’s care was all I needed, I kept going to my original chiropractor because I had already paid for a year of care in advance. Eleven months later when they did my annual spine scan to measure progress, the results were incredibly different from any of my scans from previous years. Seeing the improvement I had made in one year of Danielle’s adjustments compared to over three years of just my former chiropractor, it was clear that NUCCA was far more effective (and gentle) than the more traditional Gonstead method.

In addition to using superior techniques, Dr. Danielle is exceptionally kind and compassionate. I confidently recommend her to absolutely anyone I know.

~ Melissa D., Omaha